Thursday, April 26, 2012

Eighteen Days Till My Baby Girl's 1st Birthday!

So I had decided before Alexis was even born that I wanted her first birthday to be zoo themed, but a couple of weeks ago I had decided to change it to a beach theme party. But after Chrissie, my wonderful buddy from my-brief-moment-in-law-school, reminded me that yes I had wanted this before Alexis was even born, helped me realize that I would be making a huge mistake changing her birthday theme. So after thinking some more I have decided to go ahead with the zoo theme.

We had originally planned to go to the San Diego Zoo, as well as have her birthday dinner at a restaurant. Due to circumstances with work though we won't be able to fit in both in the same weekend and taking time off for me is a little difficult because I have to find other therapist to cover my sessions or fit in the session some other time in the week, which isn't very easy now that I am getting more cases.

So the plan is to have her birthday dinner at Shakey's, those of you who have never been to one, it is like Chuckie Cheese but not cheesy, no pun intended. We use to go there all the times as kids so we're going to have dinner there and have cake and open presents.

I posted before about invitation ideas and things like that so here is some more of that as well as some new ideas. I don't know how much of this I will be able to get away with because Derek doesn't believe in going all out on her first birthday, but I do ;)


Birthday Dress:

High Chair Banner:

Candle: (But a 1 not a 2 ;))

There are several different cakes that I've looked at but I'm exactly sure which type we're going with. Derek has tried to talk me out of getting the dress because he doesn't think it's necessary. I know some parents don't care about the first birthday, but I do, and for that reason yes I do want her to have this cute dress for her first. Also ummm I'm a planner I love planning things, loved planning my wedding so of course I'm going to want every little detail to match and even the little things matter to me. So this is it for now.

Alexis' birthday is in 18 days, but we are actually celebrating it that weekend on the 19th because her birthday falls on a Monday. I will be ordering the invitations next week and sending them out :) I'm excited!


P.S. I do need to post about Miss Alexis but I will have to do that later :)))

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  1. SUPER DUPER CUTE! Thanks for the shout-out ;)