Friday, April 6, 2012

So Excited For Tomorrow!

I have Fridays off, but for the past 2 Fridays have had to run errands and haven't gotten to really enjoy my day off. Well tomorrow I actually get to enjoy my day off :) before returning to my busy week.

We are taking Alexis to get some Easter pictures done :) I am so excited for that, we have yet to do any studio pictures of her. We did do her newborn pictures with a photographer but I really wanted to get some studio ones done before she turns 1. We are doing Easter pictures, we kind of decided it last minute so the pictures won't be done before Easter, obviously lol, but It will still be nice to have them.

After her pictures we have to drive to Costa Mesa to pick up my paycheck from the office because the direct deposit doesn't kick into effect till next paycheck so since we will already be in Orange County we are going to drive to the beach and have a little picnic there :) We're excited to take Alexis to the beach. So Alexis gets to put her bathing suit on for some cute pictures ;) Is it obvious I love taking pictures of Alexis? lol.

Well I'm excited for tomorrow and I should be getting to bed soon :)

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