Thursday, April 19, 2012

"I Gave Her My Heart, She Gave Me A Pen."

I was so busy yesterday that I didn't realize that yesterday was April 18th.

April 18th is a very special day for Derek and I. April 18th 2008 Derek and I became official :)

So this is what I should have wrote yesterday:

Derek, It's been 4 years since we've been together. It feels so much longer than 4 years, being married and having our little girl turning one next month makes it feel like we've been together for so much longer. I remember that weekend of April 18th, 2008 so clearly, I don't think I could ever forget it. We had so many first that weekend :) We watched our first movie together which turned out to be "our" movie, Say Anything :))) We watched our first play together, and we listening to "our" song over and over that weekend, MFEO. That weekend was amazing and I know that we both knew that someday we'd end up like this. I love being able to look back at all the memories we made together that first year. I love that we have that first year documented in our scrapbook for Alexis and our other future children to look at someday so they can see how much we both love each other. I love you so much and I'm excited to keep making memories with you.

Lexi and I are watching Say Anything together; Derek is asleep. Derek and I always watch Say Anything on our being-official anniversary :) But he is so exhausted that he's been asleep all day, so we can watch it again later :)

"One question: Do you need someone, or do you need me?...Forget it, I don't really care."

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