Monday, April 2, 2012

Ranting and Raving!

Well let's start...

I hate hate hate the pill! I miss being on the Nuvaring. It was so nice to just have to worry about it once a month and I never had any problems with it, no side effects at all. I got on the pill after I had Alexis because I was trying to breastfeed and you can't be on hormonal birth control while breastfeeding. I always forget to take the pill. It's not that I have a bad memory or anything like that, I just don't always have it on me and I'm usually not home at the time that I always have to take it. I have an alarm set on my phone but it will go off and I'll be busy doing something or I won't have the case on me and I'll tell myself to run upstairs and get it but I'll get busy and forget :( I hate hate hate it! I'm just waiting for my insurance to come in through my new job and will be getting back on the Nuvaring. Thank gosh!

Some more ranting. I am so exhausted. I have Fridays off. I work Monday-Thursday and on Saturday and Sunday I have one session each day, but they are in the middle of the day so I feel like my whole weekend is wasted :( The driving is also adding to my exhaustion. I don't mind driving, I actually love it; I just put some music on and put my windows down and it makes for a nice drive, but being stuck in traffic is not enjoyable.

It also is so hard to leave Alexis when I have to go to work :( I seriously spend 10 minutes just kissing her and saying goodbye. But my mom is so amazing with her. Derek watches her a lot, since he works nights he's home during the day but sometimes he's so tired I have to have my mom watch her so he can get sleep.

So now for some raving. Alexis is amazing, as per usual :) She is getting more and more gorgeous everyday. We put together an Easter basket for her and we're so excited to give it to her this weekend. We are also planning on getting some Easter pictures done of her this weekend.

In mid-April we will be ordering Alexis' birthday invitations! I am so excited for that!I cannot wait to take her to the San Diego Zoo!!!!! I'm still having a hard time with the fact that she's turning 1. She's getting bigger and bigger everyday but she's just so small still that I can't imagine her becoming a toddler. It's weird to even say that out loud.

So I've been done with overlap training at my job, for the last 2 weeks and have been doing sessions on my own. I really enjoy being able to hang out with these kids and help them. Their families are so sweet too. These kiddos parents are always trying to feed me when I'm over lol I love the families and love being part of CS4Hope. Derek is looking for a new job, he hates working overnights and wants to find a better paying job closer to what he had before when we were living in Utah. Also I want him to not have to worry about working holidays especially having Alexis, spending holidays as a family is of utmost importance to me.


  1. LOL I love how you say you don't have a bad memory but then say you get busy and FORGET to take it hehhe. I LOVE YOU. I'm so happy for you for the job you got! So in your alley, and you get to be done with waiting on tables and that crap. Must be nice to use your education.

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  3. Ohhhh Rachel. I don't have a bad memory, I'm not just sitting around doing nothing ;) But yes I do forget when I'm busy. I'm really happy about this job too. Like I said it makes it hard leaving Alexis but I find comfort because I'm spending my day with kiddos, older than her but still :) I love kids! It is also very refreshing and rewarding to be using one of my degrees in my job. I cannot wait to go back to school and get my Masters! I miss school :(