Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Seriously 45 Minute Wait Time!?!?

I love everything travel. I love making reservations, putting itineraries together, packing...literally everything travel related. What I don't like is calling an airline and hearing that the wait time is 45 minutes. I don't have an option so I am actually waiting, and this airline doesn't have that cool feature that Southwest does where you leave your number and they just call you back. That feature is a life saver! But no Spirit Airlines does not have this feature.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised, there is a reason why their flights are so cheap. I really shouldn't complain because this flight from LAX to Vegas cost me $28. For those of you who aren't familiar with Spirit or have never flown through them, the way they keep their flights cheap is by charging you for every little extra thing. They charge for checked bags, for choosing a seat and depending on where it is the cost varies, printing your boarding pass at the Port, and such things. When Derek and I flew through Spirit from Florida to Puerto Rico, for our honeymoon, we didn't really mind all the charges and what not. Well I was really trying to make this flight as cheap as possible so I wasn't going to check a bag in and just bring everything as a carry on so I wouldn't have to pay the $28 for my checked bag. I also didn't pick a seat because if you don't pick a seat when you show up to the airport and check in they assign one to you randomly and it's free. The nice thing that they do, that I know for sure Southwest also does and I'm sure other major airlines do as well, they let me check in the car seat for free and they don't count the diaper bag against me as a personal item, so I can still bring something else with me on the plane as a personal item, for free. I didn't check thoroughly when I first booked my flight and I came to realize yesterday that they charge you for a carry on, ugh so annoying. So I decided to just check in the bag, the price for a carry on is $30 and the price to check in a bag is $28, it's cheaper to check in and I don't have to carry my suitcase around so I figured I would just check it in. Well I go online tonight to do this and it's not giving me the option to add baggage on my reservation! So annoying. So I call and this is where the 45 minute wait comes in. Ummm ya I called them earlier today to verify some stuff about Alexis and I waited for like 3 minutes, this is crazy. Also on top of all that I try to check in online 24 hours before and come to find I can't, also come to find that if you print your boarding pass at the airport, instead of printing it yourself at home, they charge $5 per customer. So when I called early I asked about this and was told that I wasn't eligible to check in online because I have Alexis as a lap passenger so I have to check in at the counter. So annoying so now I have to pay at least $5 for the boarding pass maybe even $10 if they give me one for Alexis.

The reason I haven't hung up yet is because it's cheaper if you reserve online as opposed to paying for it the day of at the airport, by like $10, but still $10 is a lot to me now a days. This is extremely frustrated, but like i said I did get the flight for $28. My flight from Las Vegas to SLC was free :) because I had a $69 credit through Southwest, the flight from Vegas to SLC was exactly $69, that is why I am flying through Spirit out of LAX because it was so cheap and the whole trip is coming out to less than $60, so I'm trying not to complain too much but it's hard when I've been on hold all this time.

I really hope that Alexis handles these flights the way she handled her first one. She was soooooooo perfect so I'm hoping she'll be a little angel this time around too. You never know though, she is teething like crazy and wants to be crawling all over the place so she might not be such a happy baby this time. I believe in her though ;)

Well here is a picture of Alexis helping me pack ;) hopefully I can get this done soon so I can finish packing and getting everything ready for tomorrow.

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