Monday, July 9, 2012

Blogging Therapy

I have had the longest day ever so I decided to blog. Blogging always makes me feel better. I tossed and turn all night last night. I went to bed early but for some reason did not get a good nights sleep. I was tired and today at work kind of sucked for me numbers wise, but work is always fun so it wasn't too bad.

This is my last week of training. Yay for graduating training this Friday! I love my training class and all our trainers we've had so far. My manager is also pretty awesome :)

The other awesome thing is that Saturday is our Rip Roarin' Roundup, which is our summer company party, the theme this year is cowboys and the wild west lol. It is going to be at Electric Park at Thanksgiving Point. There are a ton of competitions; I signed up for the Tug O War which is going to be awesome :) They have a gambling room, a concert at the end of the night and a ton of fun stuff for kids, so I know Alexis is going to love it, and they have tons of cool prizes and a grand prize trip. 1 800 Contacts is awesome and I am excited to be working there.

Some exciting news, I am an aunt :) My brother and Angelique had their little girl. Her name is Harlow Alana(sp?). I'm really sad I couldn't be there. She was born on 4th of July and he sent me pictures of her; From what I've seen I think she looks like him, but I don't know what Angelique looked like when she was a baby. I'm hoping he sends me some more pictures. She is cute and I am excited to be an aunt :) Best aunt ever, granted I am the only one ;) I can't wait for Alexis to meet her as well as Aubrey (my good friend Amandalyn is due with her baby at the end of August) and also can't wait for her to meet Lily, my friends baby. Love all these little girls that are coming along :)

After only 2 days my brother was already calling asking me for baby advice :) It makes me feel good to be a resource for him as well as some of my other friends who are pregnant or just had babies. Hopefully my blog is also a good resource for people to go to.

So we won't be going home to visit until the end of August because we won't have the money to till then, which makes me kind of sad but I know we have a lot of things going on right now so it'll be better that way. I really miss my family and I know Alexis misses her grandparents and uncles too.

Oh my gosh! I love my little Lexi! The older my little girl gets the more beautiful, smart, and amazing she gets. She is walking along everything she can find so I know she definitely wants to walk but she's not quite there yet. Lexi's personality is so sassy and I love it! She reminds me so much of me, based on everything that my mom has told me, I was a pretty sassy baby. Alexis loves attention and she has started some funny habits, shrugging her shoulders at us and she dances all the time, mostly shaking her butt ;) she's got her mommas dance moves.

Alexis' hair is so long now, it's past her shoulders. She has always had a lot of hair but it has gotten so thick and is just beautiful :) Yes, we still have not cut it and don't think we will for a long time.

Alexis is having 3 big meals a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She is drinking less milk though I still try to get at least 15oz in her a day, because I know she really needs the vitamin D. Alexis loves fruit, specifically she loves berries: blueberries, raspberries, name it. Alexis also really loves yogurt :)

So Alexis had been with a baby sitter since I started working but last weekend she got swollen bags under her eyes and turns out she had an allergy to dog dander. At her babysitter there were several dogs as well as other pets so it looks like it was too much for Alexis. Apparently it is pretty mild so I'm happy about that because we definitely want a little puppy and soon :) I am really sad thought because I know Alexis loved being there playing with Emma and she loved her babysitter. But because of that we had to look for another daycare situation. So we started looking for a daycare today and we found one in Sandy. We wanted to take her to the one in Draper by my work but they don't have room in their toddler room so their location in Sandy does. I'm excited to sign her up tomorrow and get her started for next Tuesday :) It's nice because my schedule after training is going to be Tuesday-Saturday so she will only have to be in daycare 4 days out of the week. I know Alexis is going to love having all the other kids to play with.

I felt like there was more I had to say but I think this is it for now. I will be sure to update more later. Enjoy :)

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