Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Alexis Off To Daycare...

...well not quite yet ;)

We finally found a daycare for her today. We were looking to find a daycare by my work in Draper, because we will be moving to that area soon and would love to have her daycare as close as possible, well the one in Draper did not have availability for a 14 month old, which Alexis will be this Saturday :) They also have locations in Riverton, Sandy and soon to come one in South Jordan. Turns out the one in Sandy did have room for her so we went today and signed her up. I have bittersweet feelings about this; Alexis has always been babysat by someone close whether it be family or friends and I loved that individual attention she got, especially when my mom would watch her, so now going into a class of 8 kids that's going to be a little hard. However, I do think she will love being around the other kids, she loves being around other babies. Plus it will be really great for her social skills.

We got to tour the daycare and see the different rooms. One thing I was afraid of was that Alexis was going to have to be in the 1-2 age group since she is almost 14 months, the reason I was afraid of this is because even though she does walk along things all the time, she is still not walking on her own and I don't want her getting trampled on by other kids. The lady at the center asked us if she was walking and I let her know that she isn't doing it on her own so she told me we would put her in the infant room, which they so dearly call the "snuggle bunnies", until she starts walking and then they can move her. The other great things is she let me know that if I wanted to move her to their center in Draper, once they have an opening, they can put her on the waitlist and that she would get priority being already enrolled in one of their centers, which is awesome because once we move to Draper we really want her to be close to were we live and my work.

We got to see where Alexis would be napping, eating, and playing. I'm excited for her to have this new experience and I am happy with what I've seen from the daycare; Everyone there is CPR/First Aid certified as well as have their food handler's card and go through on going training so I feel confident in them.

The one upside to having to put her in daycare is that she won't need to be there all week, just Tuesday-Friday since my work schedule will be Tuesday-Saturday, so Derek will be able to be with her on Saturday and Monday I won't be working so I'll be able to be with her all day and have mommy-daughter day :) I'm starting this schedule on Tuesday of next week, thank god for a 3 day weekend, so Alexis will be starting on Tuesday.

I would love to hear any advice from anybody that has experience with having a little one in daycare, definitely will be looking to The Bump for some tips :) Well that is all for now. I probably will not be blogging till Monday after the fun work festivities of the weekend, hopefully I will be back to write about my team winning the Tug O War competition and me winning tons of prizes at my summer company party lol. Enjoy!

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