Monday, July 30, 2012

Lexi Is Almost 15 Months!

***Before I talk about my little Lexi, I need to talk about Dark Knight Rises. Derek and I went on a date night to see it last week and OMG! Anyone that knows me knows that The Dark Knight is one of my favorite movies, and I had been looking forward to the new movie for so long. Well it definitely did not disappoint! It was amazing. I still have a special place in my heart for The Dark Knight, but this one was even better than that one. Nolan is amazing and I definitely want to go see it again.


August 14th, Alexis will be 15 months! I can't believe it has almost been 3 months since her 1st birthday. Time really does fly when you have a little baby. I am so looking forward to Lexi's 15 month appointment with her doctor. I am hoping her weight has picked up alot. Alexis has been eating 3 big meals a day and snacking in between so I know she is eating the right amount of food. I also love finding out what the next steps are for her eating habits and her developmental stages. Alexis has been drinking from soft spout sippy cups for the last 3 months. Alexis at daycare has 2 soft spout sippy cups and a hard spout one. I'm not sure if she drinks a lot from the hard one; I know she didn't like it at first but I'm wondering if we should move her to exclusively the hard ones or not. I'm also curious to know when we can move her to the straw sippy cups.

I also need to make a dental appointment for Alexis. At her 1 year visit her doctor let me know that we could set up a dental appointment for her. I need to go in for a check up as well, so it will work out well for us to go in together.

Alexis took her first 2 steps last week. I don't really count it as her first two though because Derek was holding her and let her go for two seconds and she took the steps. For me it will only count when she stands on her own and takes the steps. But it was nice to see that she can do it. I think Alexis just doesn't want to yet, but I definitely think she is ready. I love watching Alexis walk around everything all over the house. I think she is going to start walking on her own really soon. I am really excited about her starting to walk especially because she is getting so close to 18 months.

We are going to put Alexis in baby ballet and tumbling classes. The youngest you can be is 18 months for ballet. The classes are mom and tot, or dad and tot I guess lol, I am excited to do this with Alexis on my days off. I remember in high school telling one of my best friends, Amandalyn, that when I had a girl I wanted to do baby ballet and now I get to actually do it :) I know Alexis will have natural athletic abilities, including dance ;) I found a program through SLC Ballet and a tumbling class through another center. Alexis will be 18 months in November so we'll probably wait till January, after all the holidays are over and when a new session of classes starts. I'm excited!

We are trying to decide if we are going down to Southern California in August or September. We were planning on going the weekend of Derek's birthday but my brother, his gf, and little Harlow won't be there; They are going to Green Bay for a football game. I really want to see the little baby so we're thinking of going at the end of August instead.

I'm trying to think of what we have been up to lately. Alexis is doing amazing in daycare. Work is going really well for both me and Derek. We did go to Derek's summer work party this past Thursday. It was fun but really hot. We ate some yummy food and got a gift card to the movies. I got to see someone that I knew from my old ward in San Francisco. Small world she works as the HR person at Derek's job, so that was nice to catch up. We saw Madagascar 3 and Alexis really liked it, she fall asleep for the last part lol but she loved it.

Well I think that's it for now :)

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