Monday, July 16, 2012

Mommy-Daughter Mondays :)

I start my new work schedule this week; I will be working Tuesday-Saturday from 6am-2:30pm starting tomorrow. Alexis will also be starting daycare tomorrow. From now on Alexis and I will have Mommy-Daughter Monday.

I have high hopes for Mommy-Daughter Mondays. For now though we will be keeping it small and just hanging out at home, since we are a one car family, but I am hoping to having little outings planned for our future Mondays. Today we have had a dance party, climbed up the stairs together, played with her toys, and talked with grandma ;) I had my mom on speaker and told Alexis to say "Hola" and Alexis start smiling and waving at the phone, it was the cutest thing :) I think we're going to go outside and have some pool time for Alexis, she loves loves loves being in her pool!

So this weekend was my company summer party. The theme was Rip Roarin' Roundup, so all about cowboys and the wild west. It was so fun. They had a ton of cool booths set up. I had our tickets and they also gave us slips for guest prizes and some old west money. So when we got there we put Derek, Alexis, and Holly's names on their guest prize tickets and put them into some drawing for prizes, we went to this cool bank booth were they handed us these cool sacks of coins in exchange for our money :) Inside the little baggies there were coins for food, snacks, drinks, and all of the activities to do there. We took Alexis over to the petting zoo and apparently one of the little baby goats, or something like that, came over to her and was just staring at her. Alexis got to ride her first pony there too!

That was really fun! We also got our picture taken for a "Most Wanted" poster.

We had our Tug O War competition. My team got to the championship round but we lost :( We lost in the first round but won two more rounds and then lost in the championship round. My arms are so sore and i have a bruise on my right side from where the rope was against my body. Even though we lost it was awesome and fun competing.

We didn't win any prizes, but it's ok I figured I won during the health fair so it probably wasn't going to be my turn to win again.I was hoping Derek, Holly,or Alexis would win something but it didn't work out that way. It was still tons of fun though so I'm glad we went. Also, here is a picture of Alexis and Holly while we were waiting for the prizes to be announced.

Derek has his company dinner thing either this Thursday or next, I'm not sure, but that will be fun.

This week is going to be exhausting but I am excited to be out of training and on my regular schedule! I will be sure to updated next Monday about how Alexis' first week of daycare goes and about how my first week on my regular schedule goes. Enjoy!

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