Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Baby Is Getting So Big.

Alexis has her 15 month appt on Tuesday with her new doctor! I'm excited to find out where Alexis is with her weight. I'm hoping that she'll be atleast 23lbs but I think she may be closer to 21lbs. Alexis is an amazing eater but she is so active so she may just be burning off everything she eats. She will be getting some more shots this time, but I'm not worried, she is a trooper when it comes to getting shots.

On another note, Alexis got moved up from the snuggle bunnies room to the next one up! Apparently she is walking a lot at daycare and they felt she would do better in the other room because the kids go outside more and they have more appropriate toys for Alexis. Alexis loves being in the other class and loves that she gets to be outside more. That's exciting!

I have started working out and stopped drinking soda; not that I drank a lot to begin with but I wanted to stop completely once I started working out, once I get in the hang of things I may have it once in a while. I have been drinking tons of water, thanks in large part to the waterlog challenge we had at work. We got points for drinking atleast 64oz of water a day. I ordered my running shoes last week so once I get them I will be working out at the gym at work, for now I'm working out at home on the bike. I need to make an appt to get a physical done to really see where I'm at. I'm excited to get back into shape :)

Oh and I know I've said it already but I am uber excited to be going to Southern California for a whole week next month!!! Only 3 more weeks!

That is all for now.

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