Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Alexis' 15 Month Appointment

Alexis had her 15 month appointment today :) She has had a cold the last couple of days, so daddy stayed home with her since I could not miss work; since I've used all of my points and vacation time to take off that week for Southern California. Alexis was feeling a lot better today so when we got to her appointment, she was a little tired but her stuffy nose was pretty much gone.

So this was Alexis' appointment with her new pediatrician. I looked at a lot of reviews and what other mommies said when looking for her new pediatrician and may I say I did a good job picking Dr. Nagle, she is amazing. I also really love the Riverton hospital, it is really nice.

So Alexis came in a little under what I expected her to weigh, which made me sad at first but after talking to her doctor I feel good about it. Alexis' height is in the 10th percentile, which I don't mind, short girls are the cutest :) Alexis' head is in the 70th percentile lol thanks to daddy ;)

So Alexis had 4 shots and she also had her hemoglobin tested to see where her iron levels are at. Alexis usually cries very little after her shots and then once she has some tylenol she is ok, well this time she cried pretty bad. The girl giving her the shots was really sweet but she kind of just stabbed her with them as quickly as possible, which I think almost made it worse :( But after some hugs from mommy and some milk she was better. Alexis' iron levels are better than they were at her 12 month appointment but her pediatrician wants to keep her on it till her 18 month visit. Also, because of where we live and there not being any fluoride in the water, Alexis also needs to start taking fluoride tablets. Alexis was taking vitamin/fluoride drops when she was 6 months or so but had stopped taking them.

Derek and I were both concerned about her weight, when they weighed her in, but Dr. Nagle echoed the thought we've been hearing since her first appointment. Alexis is always going to be petite. As long as she's growing at her curve it doesn't matter what other babies her age weigh, which makes me happy to hear. Alexis eats a ton and she's very active so it's not for lack of eating she's just always going to grow at her own pace. Dr. Nagle was very excited to hear about all the fruits and veggies that Alexis loves to eat and developmentally she is right on track :)

Alexis has her first appointment with her dentist next Wednesday! I am excited! Only I would get excited about dental appointments lol I let Dr. Nagle know we had set up an appointment for her, she said that the American Pediatrics Association recommends between 1 and 2 years old but that she usually recommends 2 but once we told her that Alexis has 10 teeth, she definitely thinks it's a great idea to get her into the dentist.

I am so glad that we found this amazing pediatrician for Alexis. I really really like her. She is funny, friendly, and super open to any questions or concerns I had, plus Alexis really liked her :) which is the most important thing.

Today is a beautiful day!

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