Monday, August 6, 2012

Update On The Long Weekend

Soundtrack For the Blog Today: Spice Girls 2 Become 1 [Takes me back]

This weekend went by way too fast. I had requested Saturday off a couple of weeks ago, and I don't work Sundays or Mondays. Derek's parents were visiting along with Holly. Derek and I finally got haircuts this weekend lol it had been so long and was very much needed. Saturday afternoon we went down to the Manti Temple. It is really pretty, looks like a castle. We grabbed some lunch and Derek's family went to the temple. Derek's cousin is getting married so they were taking out their endowments, so a ton of the family went. Derek, Holly, Alexis, and I hung out outside and went for a drive while we waited for them to finish. After everybody was done we drove back up to Provo and had dinner.

Sunday we woke up and had breakfast and played some card/board games. We went to church for the first hour and came back home and played some more board games. Everyone came over and we had fish tacos for dinner, it was really yummy! Alexis loved the fish; she's had salmon but she hadn't had other types of fish yet.

After dinner we came downstairs and watched the Blindside, one of my favorite movies. Alexis played for a little bit and then we all went to bed. Derek's parents left this morning and Derek had to go to work.

Alexis was happy to see her Aunt Holly and her grandparents.

This morning we woke up around 8:30, Alexis had some yummy blueberries, melon, oatmeal, and milk for breakfast. After breakfast she played for a little bit and went down for a nap. I took advantage of Alexis being asleep and took a shower, cleaned up the room and got some laundry started. Once Alexis woke up I decided she needed some pool time :) so I got her little pool out and she spent some time splashing around. After hanging out in the pool I gave her a bath and we ate some lunch. Now she's just lounging on momma while I blog.

Alexis is the best little eater I have ever seen. After watching how other kids eat, I am so thankful Alexis is a good eater. She eats everything. She loves fish, turkey, meat, chicken and loves all fruits and vegetables! She is a bottomless pit too, will eat everything on her place and want more. She burns off all her food because she's so active, so her food doesn't stick on here lol. Love my good little eater :)

Having a long weekend makes it so hard to go back to work; so I'm definitely not excited to have to wake up at 5am tomorrow and go back to work. September needs to hurry up and get here so we can head down to Southern California! This is a pretty short blog but I wanted to update about the weekend.

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