Sunday, August 12, 2012

Something To Look Forward To

We have been staying with Derek's grandma for the past month and a half; We had planned to only stay here for 2 months and then move into an apartment. However, we really want to get into a home and we're planning on saving up and trying to get into a home next August, once we had saved up enough money, payed down all our debt and worked on bringing our credit up some more. Well we really thought about it and we really want to get into a house sooner than next August if we can. Derek has been doing really well at work so we decided to stay here until the beginning of next year when we will hopefully have saved enough money for a down payment and paid off all of our debt to be able to get into a house.

I have been pinning some ideas on pinterest :) Even though it is difficult to not be in our own place it is something to look forward to, being able to get into our own home.

Just wanted to share that :)

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