Saturday, May 26, 2012

Alexis' 1st Birthday Party

I have been pretty busy/sick since Alexis' birthday so I hadn't really thought about sitting down and blogging about it. Well I am really sick now and since I have nothing else to do but sit here I figured now is the perfect time.

We celebrated Alexis' birthday on Saturday the 19th. The party was at Shakey's Pizza :) We were running a little late because when we stopped to get the balloons inflated, the lady was taking forever! I was a little irritated by that, but we got all that done and headed over to the restaurant.

Like I said before we were keeping the party small, my parents, brothers, my older brother girlfriend as well as my brother Alex's girlfriend, and my closest friends were there. My best friend Kathy couldn't make it because she had to work and my good friend Ivan, who lives in Texas, was here in California that weekend and was supposed to come to the party but he wasn't able to :( We had about 15 people, I didn't invite my extended family only because we couldn't reserve a bigger party and I don't have a huge house or backyard to have the party at, hopefully for her 2nd birthday we'll be able to have a bigger party.

We set up the high chair and got her banner and the balloons tied up to it and I ordered food and drinks and just chatted it up with everyone while we waited. Before my friend Magaly got there, her mom came over and was like "do you remember me?" it was kind of weird because i did but it took me a second, it just so happens she was there with her husband eating. She loved Alexis lol I'm luckyI got her back ;) when Magaly finally showed up it was funny to see the look of surprise on her face to see her mom with Alexis.

We put all the gifts on one of the tables and all ate and enjoyed our food. Alexis was such a sweetheart and she loved taking pictures with everybody. My friend Amandalyn, who is pregnant, held Alexis for a little bit and it was so funny to see Alexis staring at her, almost like she knew she was pregnant. Babies definitely pick up on those things. After we ate some yummy pizza, chicken, and mojos, we had them bring out the cakes. We lit the little candle on Alexis' cupcake and Derek and I blew it out for her; she was trying so hard to reach the candle. We take the candle off and let Alexis eat her cupcake. The cupcake was her first taste of sugar and you could tell, she got so hyper after eating the frosting. I got her a carrot cake with creme cheese frosting. I didn't want her to have anything too sweet, she loved it. We bought a big cake for everyone else, it was a marble cake with strawberry creme, it was so good. After the cake Alexis got really sleepy, I think she was crashing from the sugar rush. So she fell asleep and wasn't able to open her presents at the restaurant. We bought the presents back to the house and once she woke up she opened them up :) She got a ton of cool toys from everybody, a gift card, and some cute clothes from her aunt Kathy, who came by as she was opening up her presents.

I had such a good time on her birthday and I'm glad that everyone came and had a good time. I know Alexis loved seeing everyone ;) she loves attention. I'm so thankful for all the cool gifts she got. Here are some pictures :)


P.S. Alexis looked amazing in her birthday outfit. Alexis is so beautiful, just like her momma ;)

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