Monday, May 21, 2012

Moving At The End of The Month?

I figured I would blog about this now before the next week and a half is consumed with packing and spending time with my family.

Derek and I have moved a lot in the last 2 years. We moved from UT to Southern California for me to go to Law School, when that didn't work out we moved to Chico for a couple of months, then to Sacramento for 6 months and now I am in Southern California and we've been here for 4 months. This was supposed to be our last move. I'm from Southern California and this is where we wanted to settle and raise our family. Even though I do think it's crazy that we have moved around so much the last two years, I know that this move is going to be the best thing for us right now.

I have a great job. Alexis loves being around my family and they love being able to see her everyday. However, Derek has better job opportunities and growth in Utah at the moment and as a family we have to do what is right for us. Both Derek and I have to have good jobs, not just me. Even though I am heartbroken to leave California I do feel that this is the best thing for us right now. California's economy right now is really bad and if we could ride that out living in Utah for 5 years I know that we can come back and be in a better place later.

Derek has been working in Utah for the last month. I put in my two weeks notice at my job and my last day will be next Tuesday. I am so extremely sad to be leaving my job. Creative Solutions for Hope is such a great company to work for. I loved working as a behavioral therapist, especially for this company, my supervisor and the rest of the therapist on my teams are so great, and my kiddos are amazing. I loved being able to use my psychology degree and do a job that I really love. I've looked into being a behavioral therapist in Utah, but it would be a serious pay cut and it just wouldn't be worth it at this point. Also, as much as I love my job it does suck that I have to work weekends. Especially now that Alexis is one I want to have weekends as our time to go out and do things as a family, especially since she will probably start walking within the next couple of months.

I am especially sad to be leaving because Alexis spends so much time with my parents and my brothers. In Utah Derek and I don't have any family, so Alexis will not be near any family and that makes me sad. It especially makes me sad because I want her to continue to be super close to my family and it has been so nice to have my mom and dad to also speak Spanish to Alexis and not just me. However, I will definitely be coming down to visit at least once a month and will be sure to make plans for my family to come out and visit us. Especially with Alexis' cousin being due in July, I want them to be as close as possible :)

Derek came down this weekend for Alexis' birthday party(which I will blog about in a separate post). Derek took a ton of our stuff with him back to Utah yesterday. Alexis and I will be flying out of LAX next Wednesday. We are flying from LAX to Las Vegas and from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City. I am so glad not to have to do the drive to Utah. Alexis was so perfect for her first flight I hope that for these next two she will be just as perfect :)

That is all for now. I will post about Alexis' 1st birthday in the next couple of days. I have my brothers high school graduation on Thursday and work the rest of the week, so hopefully I will post sooner than later.

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