Friday, May 11, 2012

Oh The Life of A Working Mother :)

I'm sure as most of you already figured out, today is Friday ;) I am so glad I have today and tomorrow off. I never have two days off in a row. Thanks to my Saturday session being cancelled, I get to have an actual weekend.

Yesterday was the longest day of my life it seems. I got up at 6:30 to feed Alexis and get ready for work. My mom had to work yesterday so she wasn't able to watch Alexis, so I asked my brother Manuel to watch her. So I got up early to feed her, to make things easier.

My first session started at 8 in Riverside so I had to leave around 7:30 and I had to stop and get gas. My first session was over at 10 and then I had a break until I had to be back with the same kiddo at 11:30 to 1:30. I came home on my break and ate something and hung out with Alexis, played with her, changed her, and fed her. My second session that was supposed to only go till 1:30 ended up going till 2:20, which is fine but my next session after that was at 3:30 in Rancho. My plan had been to go home and hang out with Alexis and just relax before my last session but that didn't really work out, there was traffic getting back home and I got home 20 minutes before I had to leave again. I had to do some other things too before I left for my last session. After hanging out at home for 20 minutes I head to my last session and I'm off at 6:30 and home by 7.

When I got home I fed Alexis, played with her, and hugged on her and just sat on the couch doing really nothing for an hour. I was starving and exhausted and didn't feel like taking the time to make food, so we went out to get food and bought it back home and ate. I watched The Office and Parks and Rec and then proceeded to go on a cleaning spree in the kitchen. I washed all of Alexis' bottles and things, washed the pans in the sink, got a disinfectant wipe and cleaned all over the sink, counter tops, stove, and even under and behind the microwave. I also got all the trash in the kitchen together and had that thrown away and put the recycling in the garage. I even did some laundry. My mom came by to pick up my brother, so I took a shower and came into my room and spent sometime bumping and listening to music. Alexis finally fell asleep and so did I.

Longest day ever right? Well the one bright side was that I got the proofs for Alexis' invitation(s) yesterday, right before I left to my last session. I thought I was going to like the B&W better because that's what her sample was and I liked the way it looked together, but I think it's because the colors she was wearing in the picture complimented the colors in the invite, so we are going with the color picture one. Either way I have both files for the B&W and color so I can print both of them for her future scrapbook, so she can see both of them.

Yesterday was Mother's Day, Mexican status, in Mexico and I believe maybe other Latin countries it is celebrated on the 10th. I planned on celebrating the 13th and not the 10th but I guess it's been decided for me that I would celebrate both lol. My dad called me in the morning and told me Feliz Dia De Las Madres and my older brother told me last night lol so I guess I'm celebrating both. My family can celebrate me on the 10th and Derek and Alexis can celebrate me on the 13th! Well my dad asked me what my work schedule was and I told him I was working all day so he said that we should find another day to go out and eat. So I called him last night and told him I wasn't working today and that him, me, and my mom (and of course Alexis') should go grab some lunch today :)

Today I will also be going and printing the invites out and getting them sent out. I'm not sending very many out we want to keep it small, Under 20. I'm inviting my parents and my little brothers, my dads girlfriend, my older brother and his girlfriend, my best friend Kathy, Magaly, Debbie, Amandalyn and her boyfriend, Rachel, and my IL's (who don't really seem interested in coming). I won't be sending out a lot of them because I live so close to certain people that I can just hand it to them. I do want to get those all out today though.

I'm excited because I'm been communicating back and forth with the people I ordered all the stuff from on Etsy and it looks like the high chair banner as well as the dress are shipping out today :))) I get to pick up the shoes in Orange County on Wednesday and now I just have to find a suitable candle :)

Well that is all for today :)

P.S. Alexis gives the most amazing hugs hands down, in the universe! She squeezed some tears out of my last night because even though she just started giving hugs, I am already sad for the day I won't be able to get these little cuddly baby hugs from her :(

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