Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Alexis is a Toddler!?!?

It feels weird to think of Alexis as a toddler. But that is what she is now, she is officially a year and a day old :)

Well even though yesterday was her birthday, we didn't have anything planned since we will be having her birthday party this Saturday. However, my dad called yesterday and wanted to have dinner. He decided to order some food to bring to the house and we all had dinner together and we watched the game. Alexis loved the food and had a great time spending her birthday with my parents and her uncles :)

My dad left and me, my mom, and my brother Alex went to Target and Party City to buy the plates, napkins, balloons, and candle for Alexis' birthday party. I can't even tell you how happy and excited I am about her birthday party.

Alexis' dress and her high chair banner came in the mail today!!! They are so unbelievably cute! I will also be picking up the shoes in Orange County on Wednesday. Here are some pictures of the wonderful packages I received today.

I think the headband is really cute but headbands don't really stay on her head because of all the hair she has, I swear headbands are for bald babies. It's a clip on a headband, so if I want I can just take the clip off and use it on it's own but I feel like it looks really big without the headband. We'll see what I end up deciding on that.

Also here is a picture of the invite! I blacked out my information and the address of the party for privacy reasons.

I'm beyond excited for Alexis' birthday and so happy that everything is coming together perfectly.

There are several traditions that I want to uphold and some that I (we) want to start with Alexis. My mom always on the morning of my birthday woke me up playing Las Mananitas, it is a song that people play for birthdays as well as other occasions, mostly birthdays though. I didn't really think much of it growing up, I enjoyed the song and know it by heart lol because I've heard it so much. Playing this for Alexis on the morning of her birthday is a tradition that I want to keep. I played it for her this morning, she woke up and went back to bed lol I think she liked it. I also want to start the tradition of writing her a letter on her birthday every year, maybe till she turns 18. I wrote her a letter and sealed it in an envelope for her to open when she turns 18, along with the other ones she'll have.

I went back and read through my belly book and my birth story :) I love having the belly book to look back on and for her to look at and read all of my feelings and what I was going through when I was pregnant and I also love the idea that she will be able to read her birth story someday.

I still can't believe she's one, but I'm excited to continue to watch her grow. She is so beautiful and smart :) I love my Alexis Claire "Bear" Hodges <3

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