Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tomorrow Will Be 1 Week Till Lexi's Birthday!

Ah! I am sooo excited Alexis will be 1 next Monday!

I just finished ordering Alexis' birthday dress and shoes :))) Thanks to my Daddy Dearest who bought her her little birthday outfit as her birthday gift!

Here is the dress, that I have posted a million times.

I really really wanted these shoes.

They are so perfect but the turn around time was 2 weeks and I wouldn't get them on time :(

So I ended up going with these. They're cute, but I really loved the other ones better, oh well :)

I still have some more stuff to order tomorrow, like the birthday candle, banner for her high chair and the invitations. I can't believe I am sending out the invitations so late but it's not that big of a deal because I've already let everyone know the date and the invites are really just a formality and because they are so cute! Scrap-booking material :)

Also my daddy bought Alexis these cute little onesies, just Alexis' style :)They are 12 months so they won't fit her quite yet, she right now is in 6-9 months.

That is all I have for now :)

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